Core Team

Russell Bryant / Founder & Team Lead

Russell is a UK-based cryptocurrency investor, entrepreneur, has experience as a PM & Technologist in construction and been in the blockchain space since 2017. Witnessing the first-hand growth and improvement in the cryptocurrency and gaming space, Russell believes in even bigger developments that focus on changing the gaming narrative.

Lishanth is a UK-based Web & UI/UX designer and a keen follower of Web3. He has experience in cyber security analysis and aerospace engineering. Keeping healthy and fit is a daily discipline of his; he enjoys working with other people and bringing them together to achieve common goals.

Jhed Cabreros / Social Media Manager‚Äč

Jhed is a Phillipine-based Social Media Marketer, producing high-quality content that meets brand objectives. He is well-versed in analysis, organizing, planning, digital multimedia editing and omnichannel marketing. Jhed is also a Licensed Metallurgical Engineer, and a Licensed Financial Advisor.